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industrial rock vacuum

The IVAC PV's have been delivering our clients  difficult materials all over the world! From  the Arctic to the Equator & East to West  IVAC equipment has been performing seemily impossible feats of material delivery!

Wet or Dry, the materials transferred has been media like sand, gravel, rock, sludges and slimes......anything that regular equipment finds difficult to pump!

IVAC Industrial vacuum Units operate on compressed air and offer many years of trouble free service.

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Built in Safety Systems!
[2 Feb 2015 | Safety Standards | Certified]

High quality workmanship goes into all of our equipment. Quality controls and equipment testing is steadily ongoing at IVAC to ensure that you receive the best vacuum/delivery equipment available anywhere in the world! Our safety interlocks maintain effective control over the operation of the equipment  and ensure that safety is paramount on all of our units. Safety limit switches and premuim quality instrumentation within the controls protect the operator and the equipment from damage or unsafe operation.

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Crusher & Conveyor Cleaning
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Prevent injury and increase manpower productivity dramatically with our units. While materials vary in pumping rates, one person can "shovel" up to 15 tons per hour of sdands and graverl! Now try that with a real shovel! No sprains, happy operators and clean work areas is what you would gain from usinf our maintenance free vacuum/delivery units! Nowe throw away the shovels and get into the 20th cenruy with our highly productive equipment.

While your productivity goes up and chances for sprains, strains and injury decrease-The IVAC EQUIPMENT ADVANTAGE will prove itself many times over in a very short period.

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